The Old Confederate



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The Confederate Political Cemetery

The Home Front Cemetery

Cemetery Index

(Including directions and locations)


Instructions for Internment


We will accept submissions for internment if they meet the following requirements:


  1.  We encourage the submission of DIGITAL   

     images but we will accept prints.  Prints will,

     however, take much longer to put on line.


  2.  All submissions must be sharp and clear.  The

     stone need not be a government issue one but

     the name of the veteran must be legible. 


     If there is no stone, go to the VA Website and

     submit an order for one.  You must have proof

     of service and a properly filled out form but

     the stone will be sent free of charge.  You will

     be responsible for setting it at the gravesite.


  3.  Even if it is on the stone, you must write the

     name of the veteran, his unit, the State he

     served and, if known, his rank.  The written

     material should not be on the image of the



  4.  The name of the Cemetery and it's location

     must also be included.  The location should be

     in relationship to the nearest town and should

     include the town, county, and state of internment.

     In some cases, the cemetery is not near any town

     and may be listed by County and State only.  If

     the cemetery is obscure, we encourage the

     inclusion of GPS coordinates.  Please include

     directions to the cemetery from the closest place

     that is easy to find on a map.


  5.  Please be patient.  We all are cursed with having

     to work for a living and, therefore, having limited

     time to update the internments.  We will work

     as fast as we can.  Let's see if we can't get them

     all online while the stones are still readable.