Personal Projects

In this section we will chronicle projects pursued by one member or by a small group of members.  These projects may be a one time only event such as putting on a demonstration at a local school or an ongoing  project such as tending an officers grave.


Restoring and Maintaining the grave of Lt. John Stribling

 Compatriot Lt. Commander Larry Johnson has taken on the ongoing task of caring for the grave of Naval Lieutenant John M. Stribling and seaman James Duncan.  Lt. Stribling was a very capable officer aboard the CSS Florida who contracted and died from Yellow Fever.  He died while the ship was anchored off Montrose in Baldwin County Alabama.  Seaman Duncan was killed by enemy gunfire as the Florida made it's way into Mobile Bay thereby becoming the only Confederate blue water raider to drop anchor in a Confederate port.  Seaman Duncan, being the every faithful seaman, stands eternal sentry duty next to his lieutenant.  The two are resting next to one another in the Montrose Cemetery in Baldwin County.

  Compatriot Johnson has placed proper honors on the graves and has cleaned and beautified the area.  He is currently searching for missing parts to repair the wrought iron fence around Striblings grave.  He checks regularly on the gravesite and does whatever is required to maintain the grave.  He also maintains the graves of other Confederates in the Cemetery regardless of rank.